1st MEC Hackathon

Develop advanced mobile applications for automotive infotainment services
in ETSI MEC-enabled 5G networks.

18th September 2018
9.00-18.00 @ I3P, Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59, Turin 

There are many possibilities, coming from the interaction of Edge Computing and 5G. 
As well as everyday there are more fields of application where these possibilities can be real opportunities.

Helping developers there's the MEC (Multi-access Edge Computingframework, whose aim is that of facilitating the development of applications which are always betterquicker and built in a simpler way than the previous ones.

If you and your team are working on a MEC application for 5G, thinking about how to improve the in-car time, it's coming the hackathon made for you:
the 18th September, from 9AM to 6PM, the Sala Agorà of I3P will become the lab for the future applications with the first edition of the MEC Hackathon!


Picture by Intel


The automotive sector is one of the principal areas of application for Edge Computing and 5G, during this hackathon you will have the chance to develop with your team automotive infotainment, mobile on-car solutions using ETSI MEC technologies.

During the hackathon you will learn - and exploit - the ETSI MEC APIs, running on MEC hosts during the whole competition, to develop Entertainment, VR, AR applications ("EVA apps").

And it's not just that: you and your team can test yourself with a real world use case, to support typical use cases of connected vehicle and autonomous driving (you can watch some automotive's use cases here).


Among the prizes for the winning teams, there's also the opportunity to have free mentoring and consultancy on the project from I3P's tutors.

Intel will offer to all participants the possibility to join the Intel® Network Builders Network Edge Ecosystem.


Download the submission form herefill it up for you and your team and send it with all the attachments within 15th June 2018 to the following email: 1ST_MEC_HACKATHON_TURIN@ML.ISMB.IT
The applications will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee and the participation will be notified to the teams within the 15th July 2018.

Are you still trying to decide? Take a look to this case study as an example and to this demo for an inspiration.

For more information about all the possibilities and the characteristics for the admission to the event, read the Call for Developers that has been launched for this hackathon here or read the FAQs here.







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