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October 6-7-8th 2017 at I3P, via Pier Carlo Boggio 59, Turin


The Autority of Regulation of Transport (ART) presents the new edition of Transport Hackathon: a 56-hour marathon to develop innovative mobility projects, enhancing access and use of road and motorway networks, urban areas, ports, airports and railways.


The event opens with a public discussion panel on topics related to the state of the art of smart mobility.

What are the success stories and the new frontiers of mobility through digitization and technology? An opportunity for further research, with industry experts, in view of the Smart Mobility World Conference (Turin, 10-11 October).

To participate, take your "Open Ticket" in the form at the bottom.


The challenge for the future is to identify new ways of managing mobility, which are increasingly integrated, efficient and smart, so that they can provide citizens with a modern and safe mobility, but also a sustainable and environmentally friendly goods circulation.

The initiative seeks to capture the opportunities offered by technology and digitalization to renew and make existing infrastructure and transport services more efficient today. The mobility of the future is made possible by a technological upgrade of the industry, through new unmatched and innovative management platforms and models.

Behavioral and consumer data, along with new predictive technologies and operational process management, today allow virtualization of user behaviors and anticipating needs: it is the so-called data economy.

Thanks to the partnership with the infomobility service Muoversi a Torino of the Città di Torino and managed by 5T, during the hackathon it will be available datasets and the open dates of the urban mobility of Turin. Free way to information about parking, traffic flows, perimeter, ZTL schedules and public transport schedules, as well as supporting a specialized tutor who can guide participants in their use for the development or implementation of their applications.



Transport Hackathon ART 2017 is aimed at individuals or companies interested in developing a digital project - websites and apps - for new mobility and smart transportation services (consumer or business).

In particular, hackathon addresses:

- startups which have already developed a service but are interested in implementing new features or developing new business lines;

- teams that have an idea at the concept stage and who want to realize the first prototype or the first business model;

- individuals (students or professionals) who want to make available their skills in software development, design, business development or marketing and who are interested in contributing to the creation of an innovative idea in mobility.

In the final evaluation, the new implementations developed over the three days of hackathon will be considered.


Green mobility: reorganize urban mobility for environmental sustainability. Space for systems that facilitate transportation through non-traditional means. 

Smart mobility: the mobility of the future is connected, integrated, intelligent. Take advantage of all the opportunities offered by digitization.

Electric mobility: electrification of transport is an important step towards sustainable, economically viable mobility. It is important to redesign infrastructures to accommodate and favor this kind of means.

Urban mobility: one of the goals of the future is to simplify urban mobility, making it more efficient and fluid, lowering any clutches that the user faces in using the services.

Safety and Security: from traffic monitoring to roadside assistance, from port to airport management. Security is an important field for innovation. 

Smart payment: the digital world allows us to seize the challenge of integrating more immediate and easy payment systems in the use of transport.



• Car e bike sharing
• Taxi e NCC (rent with driver)
• App & technologies for urban mobility
• Charging station: mapping & fruition
• Electronic ticketing
• NFC solutions
• On-board telematics and sensors
• Technologies and Road Safety Apps
• Smart cards and integrated payment systems
• Mobile payment



17.00 Check.in

17.30 Welcome

17.45 Discuss the topics and objectives of the event
(program being defined)

18.45 Format presentation

19.00 Ideas presentation.
Anyone with an idea can present it in a 1-minute pitch (no slide). It is not obligatory to present an idea, it is also possible to join other teams.

19.30 Voting, completion and official registration of working groups. The ideas that receive more votes will be developed over the weekend.

20.00 Networking dinner

Participation in the opening event is free but you must register on Eventbrite by choosing the "Opening Ticket" option.



Saturday 7

Sunday 8

9.00 Breakfast

9:15 Start work: teams develop their projects with mentor and tutor support


13.00 Lunch


20.00 Dinner


The facility will remain open all night.

9.00 Breakfast

12.00 Pitch tests

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Stop work

15.00 Presentations: teams present projects in a 4-minute pitch with slide support. The jury has 2 'Q & A available


16.00 Award Ceremony: the jury evaluates the projects and proclaims the winners.





For the top three ranked a booth and a session pitch at the next edition of Smart Mobility World, which will take place on October 10 and 11 at Lingotto Fiere (Turin). 

The guidelines and award criteria will be presented during the event.



At 1° classified project

3 Hoverboard brand Nilox included transport bag.


At 2° classified project

3 Fitbit Charge



At 3° classified project

3 backapack for bicycle - Sport & Hobby



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