Nasa Space Apps Challenge Torino 2018

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st
October 2018 

 @ I3P, Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of Politecnico di Torino

Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59, Torino, Italy.


Nasa Space Apps Challenge 2018 - Turin


The most famous international hackathon makes a stop in Turin: I3P hosts the third edition of the NASA Space Apps Challenge which will take place from October 20th to October 21st.


• PURPOSE: find innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges of Space and Earth.


• DURATION: 48h non-stop. If you like, you can sleep at the venue.


• PARTICIPANTS: Students, recent graduates, researchers and people from the academia will confront with institutional partners, entrepreneurs and companies.

• SKILLS: You need many different skills to solve the Space's challenges. All profiles are welcome: Tech, Data, Business, Design, Communication, Humanities.


• PRIZE: Thanks to the support of U.S. Consulate General of Milano, the best three ideas, evaluated by a jury of experts, will win a prize money (the total amount is 3000€). The global winners, instead, will go to the NASA headquarter in the U.S.


Sign up now! The participation to the hackathon is free: get your fill of opportunities, mentorship, networking and show us your problem-solving attitude, use your skills, but above all bring your own ideas.


🌍🚀  The announced theme for this new edition is: Earth & Space! 🌍 🚀

This year's theme offers the opportunity of bringing to life projects for many different applications, inviting to be curious about our planet and beyond. Whether you're focused on Space - like FractalNet solution, winner of the Best Mission Concept 2016, a glove austronauts can wear in subterrenean environments - or on the life on Earth - like the winning solution of the Best Use of Data prize of Lemon Py in 2017, an app to help Buenos Aires' citizens to minimize their exposition to pollens using data about the trees in the city - we're looking forward to seeing what innovative and creative ideas will be realized this year. Space Apps 2018 is your chance to experiment and explore solutions to the biggest challenges of our universe!



Thanks to the support of the U.S. Consulate General Milan, the best three ideas will be evaluated by a technical jury, and they will obtain monetary prizes as follows:

🥇 first place € 1.300;

🥈 second place € 1.000;

🥉 third place € 700.



You can participate to Space Apps Challenge for free, but you need to sign up


Find out more about the event: take a look at the presentation.


Our planet is a complex and dynamic system which still has a lot of mysteries. During the whole year, Nasa tries to find out and explain more about what concerns it, like the oceans, different soils and all kinds of living creatures. This way, thanks to its infrastractures, Nasa collects high-quality data regarding all parts of the planet, with the aim of telling us more about the world we live in, while predicting Eath's future processes too. If you want to join this scientific exploration, Nasa let all the participants use its database: it's up to you now trying to solve the challenges related to the secrets of our planet. 


The categories of NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 are six: they are the following.







Find out more here.

PROGRAM (updating)

Saturday 20 October

Sunday 21 October

8.30 Check-in

9.00 Welcome Speech and Challenges' Presentation

9.20 Kick-off event from Rome with Alberto Angela

9.30 Videoconference with Luca Parmitano, new commander of the International Space Station

10.00 Mentors and Jury's presentation

10.15 Start working

Teams develop their projects with mentors' support.

13.00 Lunch

20.00 Dinner

The venue will be open all night.

9.00 Breakfast

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Projects' delivery

15.00 Pitch time: teams present their projects with a 5-minute pitch with a slide presentation.

16.00 Award ceremony: the jury wvaluates the projects and announces the winners. 






LEONARDO REYNERI, Full Professor of Electronics at Politecnico di Torino

Professor Reyneri is working on low-cost space systems' projects and modular micro and nano satellites made to supervise and monitarate the environment. He is the person in charge of a group, reuniting academic and industrial partners, with the aim of developing them. Professor Reyneri is also one of the developers of ARAMIS architecture. Some demos of these technologies will be soon launched into orbit and others will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS). Professor Reyneri has published more than 240 articles and has 8 patents. He has been guest editor and referee of international journals and conferences and he has worked in international program committees and conference management. He has worked at the European Space Agency (for 3 years) and at the Universities of Pisa (for 3 years), Edinburgh and Granada. He has been the coordinator of different international research programs, two European projects, as well as two big regional projects for the development of innovative ideas. He is now collaborating with the Boston MIT (USA), Lugano SUPSI (CH) and other European Universities working in the field of nano and micro satellites.

LORENZO FERUGLIO, PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Founder and CEO of AIKO

He is the Founder and the CEO of AIKO S.r.l., PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, with a thesis about the artificial intelligence used to enhance Small Satellites Mission Autonomy (2017). In 2009 he entered CubeSat Team of the Politecnico di Torino as software developer for e-st @r-I CubeSat, in 2013 he became team leader of research and development of flying softwares. He has operational experience, as designer and as developer with the two satellites of the Politecnico di Torino, launched in 2012 and in 2016. As part of e-st @ r-II project, he participated in the verification and integration campaign, first in ESA ESTEC and later on in French Guiana, integrating the satellite on Soyuz launcher (2016). He has been an intern at NASA JPL during two years (2015, 2016) for 9 months, developing algorithms for mission autonomy and simulating missions of small satellites. He has been an intern ath the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014) for two months, developing algorithms for the automated project of missions. Then, he has worked as operational architecture engineer at SES, Luxembourg (2012), developing control procedures of autonomous control for SES satellite fleet in EASO project. These experiences combined with many years of research about Artificial Intelligence softwares for space applications, make him an expert and precious software engineer.


News about special guests and sponsors are coming. All the formal parts of the event (such as speech, presentations and pitches) will be in English. Both to let international guests better understand the event, and adhere to the international format.


Space Apps Challenge is an initiative of NASA's Open Innovation Project, born with values such as transparency, participation and cooperation,
brought in Turin by Treatabit.



U.S. Consulate General Milan



Tyvak International



 Confartigianato Vicenza Digital Innovation Hub







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