Have you got a business idea in the field of new media?

Send your application to TreataBit and and you will be contacted for further discussion.

If the project will be selected you will have the chance to enter the support program for digital startup TreataBit.

You'll have access to coworking spaces located at I3P (Turin) and business consulting and communication of the I3P staff. 



1) Does TreataBit finance projects?

No. TreataBit doesn't finance economically projects and doesn't enter into society, but it supports entrepreneurial teams in the development of their own project, in the first market test thus preparing them to be presented to potential partners and investors.

2) Does TreataBit staff develop the technology required to implement the project?

No. TreataBit staff provides business and communication consulting services. It isn't directly involved in the development of software nor other technologies.

3) Must I have already set up a company?

No. We accept applications at various stages of project development. From the concept level to the already formed startup.

4) Do I already have a team to propose my application?

No. Among the advantages of entering the TreataBit program there is the possibility of access to a professionals network that can support the realization of the idea even without having an already formed team.

5) By when will I receive feedback on my application?

Normally within 10  working days. Depending on the numeber of requests, it might be necessary a few more days.

6) Have I to be resident in Turin to propose my candidacy?

No. There are no restrictions of geographical origin. However, moving to Turin you can leverage all the benefits of living daily in the coworking space in contact with the I3P network.

7) How long is the TreataBit path?

It begins with three months. Then we together decide untill it is necessary the support. 


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